Venus Lamp
Venus Lamp
Venus Lamp

Venus Lamp

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Named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, this lamp is perfect in any space as it is not only due to the fabulous swirls of striking colours but also the different effect a cold or warm bulb can give. Whether you prefer a more translucent look or a cosy appearance, look no further than this!

Craftsmanship is at the heart of our glass lamps, so they are all handmade and mouth-blown using traditional methods. To achieve the individual effects, a variety of patented technologies and techniques are used, such as combining single and/or multiple coloured glaze powder. This has resulted in a clear display of natural textures and layers.

Approx. H18 x Ø20 cm or H7.1″ x Ø7.9″

Cable Length: Approx. 181 cm or 71.3″

Ideally with a cool white E14 bulb

Fitted with a UK 3 pin plug