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Experts in the protection and decoration of buildings and homes since 1832, Blanchon is the undisputed specialist in wood finishes and the partner of choice for professionals.

A single- or two-component, high-build hybrid wood floor lacquer that highlights and intensifies the original colour of light woods. 

Iceberg is a lacquer that uses cutting-edge technology to highlight and intensify the original colour of light woods. With its ultra matt finish, it provides an extremely natural, muted and modern effect. A single- or two-component hybrid wood floor lacquer, IcebergTM boasts high-build qualities and offers good chemical and mechanical resistance. To improve its resistance and give the wood an even more pronounced untreated effect, 10% Aqua Pro Hardener can be added.


    • 10 m² per litre per coat.

        Pack Sizes

        • 5 Litres

        Surface Preparation

        • Sand old or new wood flooring to obtain a smooth, even surface: first sand to bare wood with 24 or 36 grit, then with 50 or 60 grit and finish with 100 or 120.
        • Then remove all dust thoroughly.
        • The wood floor must be perfectly clean and dry. As a general rule, moisture content should be below 10%. Do not use detergents or whiteners.
        • For glued down wood flooring, use Blanchon Pro Filler (water-based filler) or Blanchon Resin Filler for filling and colour-matching (please consult Technical Data Sheets for these products).

        Insecticide Treatment

        • If necessary, use a suitable treatment product.

        Wood Staining

        • It is not advisable to stain wood floors in advance as this risks turning the surface white.

        Use of Primers 

        • Iceberg does not require the application of a primer as a first coat as this could spoil the finish.

        Direction for Use


        • Shake Component A vigorously.
        • If the 2-component version of Iceberg is used, the Lacquer (Comp A) and Aqua Pro Hardener (Comp. B) should be mixed together immediately before use. Component B: 10%. Mix immediately and thoroughly for 2 to 3 minutes. The mixture should be used within 90 minutes.
        • No dilution is required.

        Application on wood

        • Do not lacquer the wood floor if the temperature is lower than 12°C or if the relative humidity is higher than 85% (in accordance with the DTU in force); do not use on wood with a moisture content above 10%.
        • Apply 3 even and generous coats directly onto the wood. Alternatively, you can apply 2 coats on top of Prim' Sealer.
        • To strengthen the untreated wood effect, use Iceberg as a first coat in its 2-component version.
        • Once the first coat has dried, a light sanding with a buffing machine (120 or 150 sanding disc) is recommended, followed by dusting.
        • Sanding is essential if more than 24 hours elapse between coats.

          Cleaning of Tools

          • Clean tools with water immediately after use.

          Protecting the Environment 

          • Carefully remove excess moisture from the equipment after application; dry thoroughly.
          • Rinse using very little water in a container; allow the water to evaporate.
          • The dry residue may then be disposed of normally in a bin.
          • Seal the containers properly after use.
          • Do not discharge the residue into drains.
          • Dispose of empty containers at a waste recycling centre.

          Drying Times

          • Dust-free drying: 30 minutes under normal conditions. "Sandable/recoatable" drying: 3 hours in normal conditions.
          • Do not wait more than 24 hours between coats.
          • Curing time: 5 to 7 days.
          • Light traffic: approximately 24 hours under normal conditions.
          • Occupation of the premises: during the first few days take some precautions: do not cover(protective sheets), do not place carpets on the lacquered wood floor during this period. Do not move heavy furniture. Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or broom (do not use impregnated textiles).
          • Next: Place suitable protection (felt) under the feet of tables and chairs. If necessary, a quality doormat placed at the entrance to the room will retain dust and gravel. Immediately wipe up any water or other liquid spillages on the floor and take particular care with flower pots.


            • Iceberg (Comp. A): Store carefully, protect from frost (take care when storing in vehicles).
            • Aqua pro Hardener (Comp. B): not affected by frost.
            • Seal both containers properly after use.
            • Important: wipe the neck of the hardener bottle, so that the cap does not stick


            • Iceberg gives you ease of maintenance for all parquets, wood floors and stairs.
            • Remove dust regularly, using a vacuum cleaner or dustpan and broom.
            • Mop the surface occasionally using a damp mop, but never a soaking wet one. Stains can be removed with Blanchon Lagoon®, Blanchon Lisabril or a neutral detergent (follow manufacturer’s recommendations for concentrations.)
            • Frequency of maintenance will depend on usage and traffic.
            • Important: allow 7 days to elapse before carrying out any cleaning or maintenance, to give Iceberg time to cure properly.
            • Not recommended: floor cleaning machine, mop, silicone-based polishes, ammonia products or abrasive detergents, etc., i.e. all materials and products likely to damage the slip resistance of the product or increase its shine level.


            • Any refinishing of a previously sealed floor using Iceberg should not be carried out before the wood has been sanded back to bare wood

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