Blanchon Lagoon®
Blanchon Lagoon®

Blanchon Lagoon®

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Experts in the protection and decoration of buildings and homes since 1832, Blanchon is the undisputed specialist in wood finishes and the partner of choice for professionals.

A gentle universal ready-to-use cleaner for the frequent maintenance of lacquered and oiled wooden floors

Lagoon® cleans most wooden floors without any odour, particularly traditional lacquered and oiled floors, pre-lacquered floors and pre-finished floating floors, etc. Lagoon® can also be used on laminate, melamine and PVC floors. Enriched with newly developed detergents, it does not require rinsing and leaves the floor spotless.

Universal cleaner Ready-to-use cleaner in spray bottle (a 2.5L refill is also available). Ideal to clean and preserve the original finish of lacquered or oiled wood floors - also suitable on laminate floors.


    • Around 100 to 200 sqm with per 500ml

      Pack Sizes

      • 500ml
      • 2.5 Litres

      Surface Preparation

      • If necessary, remove dust from the floor (vacuum cleaner, broom).
      • Shake the container well before use.

      Directions for Use

      • Spray Lagoon® onto a small area and wipe off using a micro-fibre mop or a floor cloth. Always use clean equipment, dampened but not dripping in order not to wet the floor too much.
      • Repeat the procedure for the rest of the room.
      • NB: it is also possible to spray Lagoon® onto the micro-fibre mop itself. In that case, re-impregnate regularly. If necessary, the micro-fibre cloth can be washed in a washing machine.
      • No need to rinse. Allow to dry.
      • NB: to restore dull lacquered floors, use Blanchon Protector (for satin or gloss finishes) on a regular basis.This product is perfectly compatible with Lagoon®.

        Drying Times

        • Drying: 10 minutes.
        • Return to use: as soon as the floor is dry.