Blanchon Original Wood Environment Maintenance Oil

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Experts in the protection and decoration of buildings and homes since 1832, Blanchon is the undisputed specialist in wood finishes and the partner of choice for professionals.

Preserves and maintains the natural finish of all woods impregnated with Blanchon Original Wood Environment: natural wood, bare timber, oak, ultra matt and bare timber effect.

Original Wood Environment Maintenance Oil is the ideal complement to Blanchon Original Wood Environment. Simple and practical, it can be applied directly to clean wood impregnated with Original Wood Environment: no buffing is required to care for or touch up wood floors, woodwork, worktops or other wooden surfaces.

Preserves, maintains and brightens up

  • Water-based wood floor maintenance oil for impregnating and protecting parquets, wood floors and stairs
  • Combines high performance and environmental friendliness
  • Odourless, no need to buff


      • 25 to 35 sqm per litre

      Drying Time

      • Light traffic: 30 minutes under normal conditions

      Pack Size

      • 1 Litre

      Surface Preparation

      • Original Wood Environment Maintenance Oil is specially designed to maintain parquet and wood floors treated with Original Wood Environment.
      • Original Wood Environment Maintenance Oil should be applied on a clean, dry floor: sweep or vacuum the floor to remove all traces of dust before applying.
      • Small stains and marks can be easily removed with Blanchon Natural Soap for Oiled Wood Floors or Lagoon (using a well wrung-out cloth or mop, never a soaking wet one).
      • Important: wait 7 to 10 days before applying for the first time to give the Original Wood Environment time to harden fully. Stubborn dirt, stains or scratches can be removed by fine sanding.
      • Original Wood Environment should then be re-applied to this area. Important: maintaining wood treated with stained Original Wood Environment (or previously stained) requires particular care to avoid changes in the shade.

        Directions For Use

        • Original Wood Environment Maintenance Oil should be applied as soon as the wood floor impregnated with Original Wood Environment loses its natural finish (normal wear and tear, minor scratches, etc.).
        • Ready to use: do not dilute. Shake well before and during use. Do not apply if the temperature is below 12°C. Use only in well ventilated areas. Keep any aquariums and plants away from the environment where the product is being applied.
        • Perfect adhesion on clean, dust-free, dry wood oiled with Original Wood Environment (cleaned with Natural Soap For Oiled Wood Floors or Lagoon using a well wrung-out mop or cloth (refer to Surface Preparation).
        • Apply a thin coat of Original Wood Environment Maintenance Oil with a microfibre-type mop (or, failing this, with a fine, clean cotton cloth) onto a clean, dry surface (a spray may be used and the floor immediately wiped with the micro-fibre). Small, localised areas can be touched up using a cotton cloth to apply and polish.
        • The product spreads immediately and does not have to be worked for a long time. The use of a machine (buffing machine with 3 rotating brushes or heavy duty buffing machine with a beige pad) is neither necessary nor recommended.
        • Dries within around 30 minutes. The floor can then be used as normal.
        • Frequency: whenever the wood floor loses its beautiful finish or generally once or twice a month under normal conditions of use.
        • On high-traffic wood floors, regular maintenance can be reinforced by applying a general coat of Original Wood Environment (see Maintenance next page).
        • The more often Original Wood Environment Maintenance Oil is used, the easier maintenance becomes.

          Cleaning of Tools

          • Tools must be cleaned immediately after use

          Drying Times

          • Dust free: around 5 minutes.
          • Light traffic: 30 minutes under normal conditions. Take reasonable precautions during the first hour following application.
          • Protect the floor using felt pads underneath table and chair legs. If necessary, a good quality mat placed at the entrance will retain dust and grit. Wipe down any water or other liquid spillages immediately and take particular care with flower pots. Do not move heavy furniture around. Remove dust with a vacuum or broom: do not use impregnated fabrics.