Blanchon Original Wood Environment

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Experts in the protection and decoration of buildings and homes since 1832, Blanchon is the undisputed specialist in wood finishes and the partner of choice for professionals.

Water-based impregnation oil that conforms to the environmental requirements of the European Ecolabel. The best technical solution for preserving and enhancing the natural light appearance of wood. 

The best technical solution for preserving and enhancing the natural light appearance of wood.  Simple and practical, Original Wood Environment may be applied directly to prepared wood using a roller: it does not need to be polished, by hand or buffing machine, to produce a perfect finish for your wood floors. Can be applied by spray to furniture, worktops, woodwork and vertical surfaces. Original Wood Environment is easy to maintain and refinish due to its odourless, fast-drying formula and easy application so that the area can quickly be returned to use.

Matt oiled wood floor finished in 4 hrs

  • Easy roller application - no buffing machine required
  • Combines high performance and environmental friendliness: European Eco-label
  • Easy roller application - no buffing machine required
  • Natural matt finish
  • Does not change wood colour
  • Odourless


    • Around 15 sqm per litre per coat

    Drying Time

    • Before sanding/recoating: about 1 hour under normal conditions

    Pack Sizes

    • 250ml
    • 1 Litre
    • 5 Litres

    Slip-resistant product according to DIN-Standard DIN 51 130-R9

    Surface Preparation

    • Original Wood Environment may only be applied to wood that has been taken back to bare and evened out by sanding (stripping and de-waxing not recommended, and is free of dust and traces of detergent, grease, wax, polish or linseed oil (or other special oils). Do not use detergents, whitening agents or wood floor cleaner.
    • Remove all traces of dust.
    • For glued wood flooring, use Pro Filler (water-based filler) or Blanchon resin Filler, which is recommended for colour-matched filling, otherwise use Blanchon Wood Fillers.

    Insecticide treatment

    • If necessary, use a suitable treatment product.

    Wood staining 

    • Floors sanded back to bare wood can be stained with Blanchon Aquateinte 2K, which can be recoated directly with Original Wood Environment.
    • It is also possible to use Blanchon Waterborne Dye or Blanchon Wood Ageing Agent. After drying, apply a coat of Blanchon Prim-Oil to fix the stain. Prim-Oil is a special type of primer that does not affect the penetration of Original Wood Environment.
    • In all cases, never sand the stain itself. It is recommended to cut back the wood floor before applying the final coat of Original Wood Environment, after the previous coat is completely dry (approximately 60 minutes).
    • Carefully remove all traces of dust before applying the coat of Original Wood Environment finishing.
    • Do not use woodstain.

      Directions For Use

      Ready to use: do not dilute, shake well before use.

      Perfect adhesion on bare, clean, dry wood that has been suitably prepared . Remove dust thoroughly.

      Do not oil a floor if the temperature is below 12°C with relative humidity in excess of 85% (in accordance with the D.T.U. in force); do not use on wood with a moisture content above 10%. Use only in well-ventilated areas. Do not use in the same area as plants or fish tanks.

      Apply in three thin coats using a roller (short haired). Use a brush or graining brush for the edges. It can be applied by spray gun on furniture, worktops and vertical surfaces.The slightly milky appearance of the liquid Original Wood Environment disappears within a few minutes as it dries.

      A second coat can be applied after around one hour (do not leave more than 48 hours between coats).

      A light surface sanding (using fine grade sandpaper) before the final coatwill eliminate any rough patches in the wood and give a superb and easy-to-maintain finish. Dot not use steel wool.

      Very quick drying and odourless, so the room can soon be reused; take some basic precautions during the first 10 days.

        Cleaning of Tools

        • Tools must be cleaned immediately after use

        Drying Times

        • Dust-free drying: 20 minutes.
        • Before sanding/recoating: 1hr under normal conditions.
        • Do not wait more than 48 hours between coats.
        • Curing time: 4 to 7 days.
        • Light traffic: 12 hours under normal conditions.
        • Occupation of the premises: during the first 10 days take some precautions: do not cover the oiled wood floor with protective sheets, rugs or carpeting. Do not move heavy furniture. Remove dust with a vacuum cleaner or broom (do not use impregnated textiles).
        • Next: place suitable protection (felt) under the feet of tables and chairs. If necessary, a good quality mat placed at the entrance to the room will help by retaining dust and gravel. Do not allow water or other liquids to build up on your oiled wood floor (isolate flower pots).


        • Store carefully, protect from frost (take care when storing in vehicles).
        • Re-seal carefully after use.