Blanchon Prim'Sealer

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Experts in the protection and decoration of buildings and homes since 1832, Blanchon is the undisputed specialist in wood finishes and the partner of choice for professionals.

An odourless water-based primer for use before all Blanchon water-based lacquers. Preserves the original tone of the wood.

Prim'Sealer is an odourless water-based primer intended to be applied before the following Blanchon water-based wood floor lacquers: BelmontTM NF, IntensivTM, SportTM, Performer®, Initial®. It can be applied on all types of European wood. Prim'Sealer allows you to retain the original shade of light wood and is particularly recommended for areas required to be free of unpleasant odours.

        Pack Size

        • 5 Litre


        • About 8 to 10 sqm per litre

        Surface Preparation

        • Sand old or new wood flooring to obtain a smooth, even surface: first sand to bare wood with 24 or 36 grit, then with 50 or 60 grit and finish with 100 or 120.
        • Then clean thoroughly.
        • The wood floor must be perfectly clean and dry: as a general rule, moisture content should be below 10% (do not use detergents or whiteners).
        • For glued down wood flooring, use Blanchon Pro Filler (water-based filler), or Blanchon Resin Filler for filling and colour-matching (please consult Technical Data Sheets for these products).

        Insecticide Treatment

        • If necessary, use a suitable treatment product.

        Wood Staining

        • Floors sanded back to bare wood can be stained with Blanchon Aquateinte 2K. In this case, when the Aquateinte 2K has dried, apply Prim’Sealer and then the selected lacquer.

        Direction For Use

        • Prim’Sealer is ready to use. Shake the container well before use. Do not dilute.
        • Do not apply to a wood floor if the temperature is lower than 12°C or if the relative humidity is higher than 85% (in accordance with the DTU in force). Do not use on wood with a moisture content above 10%.
        • Apply one generous coat of Prim’Sealer with a roller directly onto the wood (stained in advance as appropriate).
        • Then apply 2 coats of the selected finish.
        • Prim’Sealer can also be applied using a smooth spatula. In this case, two cross-coats are necessary. Do not apply Prim’Sealer with a spatula on beech, maple or cherry.
        • Seal the container carefully after use.

        Cleaning of tools

        • Clean tools with water immediately after use.

        Protecting the environment:

        • Carefully remove excess moisture from the equipment after application; dry thoroughly.
        • Rinse using very little water in a container; allow the water to evaporate.
        • The dry residue may then be disposed of normally in a bin.
        • Seal the containers properly after use.
        • Do not discharge the residue into drains.
        • Dispose of empty containers at a waste recycling centre.


        Application with a roller:

        • Dust free time: 20 to 30 minutes under normal conditions.
        • Before recoating: 1 hour 30 minutes under normal conditions.

        Application with a spatula:

        • Dust free time: 20 minutes under normal conditions.
        • Before recoating: 30 minutes under normal conditions.

        Do not wait more than 24 hours before applying the selected lacquer.


        • Store carefully, protect from frost (take care when storing in vehicles).
        • Re-seal carefully after use.

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