Blanchon Resin Filler

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Experts in the protection and decoration of buildings and homes since 1832, Blanchon is the undisputed specialist in wood finishes and the partner of choice for professionals.

A filler specially formulated for colour-matched sealing of glued down wood floors and woodwork.

Liquid filler for mixing with the sawdust from the second sanding to obtain an invisible repair that does not alter the original tone of the wood. Resin Filler is suitable for colour-matched sealing of joints, splits (up to 2 mm), holes and small cracks (up to 3 mm) in glued down wooden floors (after laying), furniture or wood panelling. Resin Filler dries quickly and can be recoated 15 minutes after application by all wood finishings.

        Pack Sizes

        • 10 Litres
        • 5 Litres


        • Variable, depending on substrate condition and proportions used for mixing Resin Filler with sawdust.

        Surface Preparation

        • Only for use on perfectly sanded glued parquets, wood floors, wood panelling or furniture, with no traces of detergent (do not use detergents or whiteners), grease, wax, polish or oil. Resin Filler sticks perfectly.
        • The wood floor must be perfectly clean and dry: as a general rule, moisture content should be below 10%. Please consult the DTU in force.
        • Remove all traces of dust.

        Insecticide Treatment

        • If necessary, use a suitable treatment product.

        Directions For Use & Application

        • Always use Resin Filler before the final sanding.
        • Shake the container well before use.
        • Do not lacquer the wood floor if the floor temperature is below 12°C or if the relative humidity exceeds 85%. Do not use on wood with a moisture content above 10%. Use only in well-ventilated areas.
        • Mix thoroughly with the wood flour from the 2nd sanding, until it reaches the desired consistency; the proportions vary according to use: - fluid filler, containing around 20% wood dust by volume, - thick filler, containing around 50% wood dust by volume (maximum dose: never exceed 1 part to 1 part by volume).
        • Use the mixture as soon as possible and within 10 minutes. NB: before application, it is important to check that the amount and fineness of the wood dust used corresponds to the hole or crack to be filled: too much wood dust makes the Resin Filler crumbly.
        • Apply with a smooth spatula, not serrated.
        • Large holes, cracks and splits should be filled in several steps (each application should be allowed to fully harden before the next is carried out).
        • Once fully hardened, carry out the final sanding and carefully remove all dust to reduce the roughness of the wood. The prepared wood can then be finished with the selected Blanchon product: lacquer, varnish, wax, polish or oil.

        Cleaning Of Tools

        • Clean tools immediately after use with a thinner.
        • Seal carefully after use. Do not discharge the residue into drains.

         Drying Times

        • In normal conditions: (temperature 20°C, well ventilated areas).
        • Before sanding/recoating: 15 min, for 1 mm joints, in normal conditions.

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