Blanchon Wood Ageing Agent

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Founded in the summer of 2007 by Simon BELLWOOD, Jersey Oak began its humble beginnings designing and creating handcrafted sustainable furniture on the beautiful island of Jersey. Jersey Oak is proud to have retained it's original roots, and continues to design and craft bespoke pieces for it's clients.  Jersey Oak also has expanded its offering and now retails a wide range of carefully selected Home and Garden products and accessories.

Experts in the protection and decoration of buildings and homes since 1832, Blanchon is the undisputed specialist in wood finishes and the partner of choice for professionals.

A positive stain with a reactive effect: gives a patina and brings out contrasts in the grain of the wood

Wood Ageing Agent colours and tones all furniture, wood floors, woodwork, panelling, etc. It gives wood an "faded" and "weathered" appearance similar to that of "driftwood". It accentuates the contrasts in the grain of the wood to provide an aged effect. Its easy application makes it ideal for large surfaces such as wood floors and wooden floors. Wood Ageing Agent can be easily recreated with all traditional (solvent-based) oils, waxes and polishes. It is ideal before Blanchon Solid'Oil™ or Blanchon Waxoil and offers an almost infinite range of decorative options, with "patina" and "ambiance" effects. The best effects are obtained on European light-coloured woods, hard or soft woods, displaying distinct graining.  


  • About 15 sqm per litre

Pack Sizes

  • 5 Litre
  • 1 Litre

Surface Preparation

  • Wood Ageing Agent should only be applied to clean, bare wood.
  • Panelling and furniture: the wood should be sound, clean and dry and free of any traces of existing varnish, wood stains, paint, wax or oil. New woodwork should be prepared by sanding, depending on the level of finish desired. Sand down or strip old woodwork using Blanchon Liquid or Gel Building Paint Strippers 10' . Do not use steel wool (risk of corrosion stains).
  • Parquet Floors: parquet, wood floors and wooden stairs should be sanded down to bare wood (stripping and de-waxing not recommended). Do not use detergents, whiteners or wood floor cleaners.
  • In the case of composite joints, apply Blanchon Resin Filler or Blanchon Pro Filler in advance to avoid overstaining (consult the Technical Sheets for these products).
  • Professional tips: the effect of the Wood Ageing Agent can be embellished or reinforced by various mechanical actions (minor impacts, brushing in the direction of the wood fibres, fine scratches, etc.) occurring prior to application.
  • The maximum positive effect is obtained on wood with a brushed surface (bronze or stainless steel brush) in the direction of the fibres. If you want a softer contrast, the surfaces should be carefully sanded.
  • Remove dust thoroughly.

Directions For Use & Application

  • Shake well before and during use.
  • On delicate veneers or fragile types of wood, test on a small area first.
  • Apply the product neat (brush, short-haired roller) in the direction of the wood grain in a thin layer ("draw" the product).
  • As you go, wipe the wood with a lint-free cotton cloth (see § Large surface areas). This method produces a perfect, even finish.
  • NB: after drying, it is still possible to touch up small areas to add some more colour (with a white pad and a small amount of the desired colour) or overcoat (white pad with the colourless shade applied).
  • For lighter effects, do not dilute with water but use the colourless Wood Ageing Agent in order to keep the maximum “positive” effect.
  • For a pastel effect, mix the desired colour with the “white” shade. To obtain a stronger colour: apply a second coat.

Recoating With The Finishing Product Selected

  • Recoat with the selected oil after a minimum of 8 hours.
  • The best results are obtained by re-coating directly with Solid'Oil (or Hard Waxoil).
  • If the finishing product is water-based (e.g. Blanchon Original Wood Environment), it is essential to fix the Wood Ageing Agent with a good coat of Blanchon Prim'oil. NB: the colour may change after the initial coat of primer, so it is essential to check this on a small test area first).
  • In any case, light sanding should be carried out after the first coat of finishing product(primer or not): do not sand the Wood Ageing Agent as this could alter the colour in places (it is advisable to carry out the sanding with a fine grit before applying the final coat of the finishing product). In the case of Solid'Oil, it is sufficient to buff this with a buffing machine to smooth the wood.

Cleaning of tools

  • Clean tools with water immediately after use.

Protecting the environment:

  • Carefully remove excess moisture from the equipment after application; dry thoroughly.
  • Rinse using very little water in a container; allow the water to evaporate.
  • The dry residue may then be disposed of normally in a bin.
  • Seal the containers properly after use.
  • Do not discharge the residue into drains.
  • Dispose of empty containers at a waste recycling centre.

Drying & Recoating

Under normal conditions of use:

  • Dust-free drying: 30 minutes.
  • Before recoating: minimum 8 hours (check the product is perfectly dry with the back of your hand).
  • Never sand the Wood Ageing Agent directly so as to avoid any alteration of the colour. Do not leave metal objects (tools) in contact with the aged wood during the drying process.


  • Store carefully, protect from frost (take care when storing in vehicles).
  • Re-seal carefully after use.