Turtl Socks in a Shell - Aqua
Turtl Socks in a Shell - Aqua
Turtl Socks in a Shell - Aqua
Turtl Socks in a Shell - Aqua
Turtl Socks in a Shell - Aqua
Turtl Socks in a Shell - Aqua

Turtl Socks in a Shell - Aqua

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Trips to the park or play parties at home, Turtl socks in a shell are a tried and tested indoor outdoor sock shoe. These eco-friendly, lightweight, slip-on sock shoes have a slip-resistant protective shell that allows for movement, while supporting their little feet.

As parents ourselves, we understand how important each step they take is. That's why we've carefully developed these socks in a shell to tick all the boxes.

🐢  Slip on and stay on shoes
🐢  Machine washable
🐢  Slip-resistant
🐢  Socks are made from recycled plastic
🐢  Shell is made from eco-friendly algae material
🐢  Indoor and outdoor use
🐢  Lightweight
🐢  Promotes growth

The specially developed knitted sock, made from post consumer plastic is woven with TruSpring technology, which will not only help them stay on but will allow their feet to breathe. For the specially designed Turtl shell outsoles, we’ve carefully selected an eco-friendly material made from algae to create the flexible and supportive soles. 13 litres of clean water have been returned to the habitat because of the use of this algae. We’ve used the same BLOOM algae material to make the perforated, removable insoles to help keep your little ones fresh and comfortable.

The flexibility of the sock shoe encourages healthy foot development and means they’re free to run as much as they want. And a little joy to the ears of all parents - our great socks in a shell are machine washable.

Little shoes take big steps. By buying from Turtl, you’re contributing to help clean up our oceans, saving turtles and other marine life as we donate a percentage of our profits each year to charities who help remove plastic from the habitats of turtles and other marine life.

Turtl sizing

Lets get the size right

Our Turtl footwear are made to standard sizing, with a standard width so we hope they're the perfect fit for your little one. 


Our foot measuring tool and our size guide should help you choose the right size.


socks in a shell tots from turtl


Age months (approx.) 12/18 18/24 24/30 30/36
UK child size 2-3 3-4 5-6 6-7
US child size 3-4 4-5 6-7 7-8
EU child size 18-19 20-21 22-23 23-24